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UK REACH: Deadline Extended

Han Zuyderwijk

UK REACH: Deadline Extended until October 2025, published December 2021

The UK government wants to extend the deadline for registrations in the new REACH database. The plan is to extend until October 2025. This is a two-year delay. This gives industry extra time to implement a new safety regime for chemicals. The British industry pertinently opposed to the current plans to set up a new UK chemical safety database. Already in February 2021, the industry demanded an extreme rethink of the existing plans. These will, according to their figures, cost the industry £1 billion.

UK REACH: Deadline Extended
UK REACH: Deadline Extended | Photo Source: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

During 2022, the government will begin consultations with all stakeholders. This will be about extending the deadlines for providing full registration data. More details will follow after the consultation rounds.

Furthermore, the need for replication of the EU REACH will be scrutinized. Replication of the EU regulations should be reduced by placing more emphasis in the new rules on understanding the uses of chemicals in Great Britain. Northern Ireland, incidentally, will remain under EU regulation.

According to The Chemical Industries Association, the extension of the REACH deadlines provides more time to work on a long-term solution. This would then be able to deliver at least the same results while reducing unnecessary costs resulting from data overlap.

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