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Stricter Rules for Toy Safety

The new EU toy safety rules are crucial in proving additional support for manufacturers, particularly SMEs. These measures are designed to protect children and improve market transparency.

Tamara Ciochina

The European Parliament is backing stricter rules for toy safety to protect children and address emerging challenges such as online shopping and digital technologies. The new directive aims to reduce unsafe toys in the EU market.

  • Key changes include a ban on harmful chemicals, requiring digital product passports for toys, and ensuring safety, security, and privacy standards in digital toys.
  • The regulations also promote fair competition for EU toy manufacturers, addressing challenges posed by online shopping and digital technologies.
  • The regulation enhances market surveillance, strengthens border checks, and facilitates consumer access to safety information.
  • The directive aims to safeguard children's well-being and support EU toy manufacturers, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

The proposed rules will undergo further voting and scrutiny in the upcoming plenary session to take place after the European Elections on 6-9 June 2024. Despite the EU having a safe market, dangerous toys still pose a risk, with toys being the most notified product category in the EU alert system.