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Possible Changes General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

Han Zuyderwijk

The European Parliament and Council are now debating changes to the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD). All consumer product makers, importers, distributors, and retailers should be aware of them. This proposal was long awaited and expected last year but it has been postponed because of COVID-19. The format of the proposal is of a Regulation instead of a Directive and we predict it to be adopted this year.

Currently, General Product Safety and market surveillance regulations are scattered across several pieces of legislation. As a result, they are fractured, resulting in overlaps, gaps, and confusion. The proposed bundle is intended to make this easier. Its goal is to make the standards governing consumer product safety, product identity, and traceability more consistent. It also aims to improve the coordination of how authorities inspect items, enforce regulatory compliance, and monitor the market, resulting in a more fair playing field in the internal market.

The European Parliament and Council will discuss the changes to the General Product Safety Directive – Photographer: Frederic Köberl | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Frederic Köberl | Source: Unsplash

Will the amendment impact your business?

Many consumer products are covered by the General Product Safety Directive. The revision aims to ensure alignment with the content of the Market Surveillance Regulation 1020/2019. Chances are that there will be a significant impact on your business.

We understand that you want your products to comply with all requirements of the GPSD. We are conscious of the importance this may have for you. That is why we are currently analyzing the text of this proposal so that we can be of the best assistance to you when you need it.

Live presentation

Also, as an additional help, we will organize a live presentation shortly. Are interested in knowing how the changes in the General Product Safety Directive will impact your business? Leave your name and email address in the form below. Furthermore you can watch our posts on social media.