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Delete "daunting" from product safety compliance

With Product Compliance Manager: The software support solution for product compliance managers

  • Easily manage your product safety and compliance files.
  • Real-time status. Updates on regulatory developments.
  • Includes support and coaching by product compliance experts.
Delete "daunting" from product safety compliance

You can’t control what you don’t know


It's a regulatory jungle out there. A vast forest of ever-changing regulations, standards, and certification procedures. You feel frustrated because the rules and procedures are complex, and the process is daunting. You feel the pressure of the responsibility for protecting the brand's reputation and liability for product safety.

  • Are you sure you have identified all the regulatory requirements for your products?
  • Are you confident you can prove product safety and product compliance?
  • Are you confident your suppliers' certificates and test reports are genuine and complete? Or are you hoping they are?
  • Do you have an efficient document management system for the files that provide proof of compliance?
  • Can you keep up with the regulatory changes? Do you understand how they impact your business?
You can’t control what you don’t know

A software + service solution for product safety and product compliance


Product Compliance Manager is a cloud-based software solution that helps you to efficiently manage your business' product safety and product compliance responsibilities. It's not just a software tool. The system includes support and backstopping by the same experienced product compliance experts who developed the software to manage thousands of clients' product compliance projects. We help you understand the regulatory requirements, and to ensure that your product files are genuine and complete.

Our online platform includes tailored consulting and support and offers an affordable and scalable solution for your product compliance needs. We are a fully independent, privately owned organization. We're not associated with any test laboratory, certification body, e-commerce platform, or authority. You don't need to worry that we will try to sell you expensive tests or certifications.

Brand protection

Product Compliance Manager makes it easy to protect your brand's reputation against the negative impact of product compliance issues.

Peace of mind

With Product Compliance Manager you know your files are complete and that product safety and conformity are ensured

Reduce dependency on certification bodies

Product Compliance Manager informs and educates you, so you never have to depend on third-party bodies with an interest in selling expensive testing and certification.

Ease of use

Product Compliance Manager tools are easy to use and help to manage product safety and compliance efficiently.

Scalable and affordable

Product Compliance Manager is just right, whether you just started with one product, or already built a successful business with an extensive product catalog.

Tailored to your needs

Our system is developed by product compliance managers like you. They use it themselves to manage product compliance projects for thousands of clients.



The system was an excellent lead. Templates also were exceptionally well prepared and they were also very helpful to us. The Process was a bit complicated at the beginning; however with the system we managed to complete the Technical File. We thank you for all your help!

Asfaw Mendaye, Seiffert Industrial Inc., USA

I need a quick and efficient way to be able to issue CE conformance certificates to my customers, while being confident that we have done the process correctly and in the approved format. Your system allows us to get the end result in a much more focussed way and time scale.

Rick Booth, DMS, United Kingdom



Guidance documents

Checklists and templates

Online support and coaching

Online product compliance documentation file manager

Email alerts and notifications


Expert verification of certificates and reports

Expert support in determining applicable regulations and standards

Product risk assessments

Browser-based, no software installation

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS and Android

Secure file-storage, GDPR-compliant

Amazon’s EU Responsible Person – service

European Union and UK Authorised Representative service

Registration support for EPR, EPREL, cosmetics

Frequently asked questions


Who is your software and service for?

Product Compliance Manager was developed by product safety and compliance managers to efficiently manage product files and to have a single source of information about regulatory updates that impact product compliance of the products they manage. Not only do we now make the software platform available to you. Our experts will also provide you online support, coaching and backstopping. 

Will I need to install special software on my computer?

No. The software runs in any modern browser on Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Can I manage my files on a tablet computer?


When will I get access?

When you sign up, you will receive an email with a login link and you can start to use the guides, tools, and tutorials that are available for your membership tier.
Platinum members will be contacted within 24 hours to set up the product file management and compliance status monitor sections in Product Compliance Manager.

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