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Product compliance made painless. With the right information, tools and support at your fingertips.

Product compliance assessment

Product Compliance: You can’t control what you don’t know

There is a regulatory jungle out there. A vast forest of regulations, standards, and procedures. They seem ever-changing. You understand you’re responsible for product compliance, but you feel frustrated because the rules are complex and the process is daunting.

Do you know which documentation you need to keep for your products? Are you sure the certificates and test reports you received from your supplier are not fake? If only there was an easier way to collect, maintain and verify the documentation and to organise them into technical files.

You need a system. A system that keeps you informed about the regulations so that you can instruct your suppliers. A system that allows you to verify and organise the certificates, test reports, and other conformity documentation. A system that offers support from professionals when it matters.

We help small businesses organise their product safety and product compliance

Peace of Mind

Knowing your files are complete and the product safety and conformity are ensured.

Ease of Use

Our platform offers tools that easy to use and make the process efficient.

Scalable and Affordable

Whether you just started with one product, or already built a successful business with an extensive product catalog.

We offer an online platform in combination with tailored consulting services in order to provide you an affordable and scalable solution for your product compliance needs.

  • easy to manage and maintain product compliance documentation
  • build-in expert verification of certificates and reports
  • build-in expert documentation review and gap analysis
  • support in determining the applicable regulations and standards for your products
  • alerts on regulatory amendments affecting your products
  • on-line support with prompt answers to your questions
  • product risk assessment
  • Amazon’s EU Responsible Person – service
  • European Union Authorised representative service
  • UK Authorised representative service


“Let me tell you that I am very glad to have found your site and resorted to your services.
You have saved me from a lot of potential worries with this careless manufacturer!”

– Silvia Belliard, France



“The system was an excellent lead. Templates also were exceptionally well prepared and they were also very helpful to us. We thank you for all your help!”

– Asfaw Mendaye, Seiffert Industrial Inc., USA

Want to talk about how we can help you with your product compliance responsibilities?